A Flower Press preserves the fleeting beauty of Wildflowers


A flower press is an excellent tool for walkers to preserve wildflowers for further study.  By preserving a wildflower, its leaves and a part of its stem, you can learn more about it.

When you take a walk and see a flower growing wild, it is a delightful discovery.  The wildflower may be the only color in a natural palette otherwise made up of greens and browns!

It can be even more of a pleasure if you take a field guide.  The field guide will help you to find the name of the wildflower.  That way, on future walks, you will be able to enjoy that wildflower again because you will have linked the flower, leaves, stem and home of the wildflower to its name.   You will remember it, and when you see it again, enjoy it again.

Observing a wildflower “in the wild” is important.  It is only when the wildflower is in its natural form that you can see the flower structure, the arrangement of the leaves and the true color.  When you press the flower, you will not see the three dimensional structure of the flower.  However, you will be able to see its color, the place or arrangement of the flower on the stem and the number and shape of the leaves.

Most importantly, by pressing a wildflower that you have seen on your walk, you will have more time to look at it and learn about it.

The book, Wildflowers of the Adirondacks by Anne McGrath with Joanne Treffs, EarthWords 2000 is an excellent field guide that will help you if you are teaching yourself about wildflowers.   For walks in the Adirondack Park of New York State, Wildflowers of the Adirondacks is particularly helpful.

As a walker, you will appreciate that it is lightweight.  It is a guide for the novice:  the chapters are arranged by the colors of the wildflowers — white, pink, purple, red, green, yellow, orange and blue.  The caption of the picture of each wildflower gives you a cross reference to the page where you can read a description of that wildflower. The description helps you to confirm that you have a correct match.  The way that the information is presented makes it easy for you to learn, and the knowledge you have gained will enhance the enjoyment of your walk.

I learned for instance how to identify Starflowers, also call Trientalis borealis.  I was able to identify this wildflower with the field guide.  Afterwards, I pressed the small flower and its leaves.  By pressing a Starflower, I was able to study the number of its leaves and their arrangement on the stem — in my own time.

Starflower a wildflower found in the Adirondacks, New York State

Starflower -Trientalis borealis

If you wish to learn more about wildflowers for your own enjoyment, a flower press will help you.  North Country Herbs offers a flower press.

Walkers who delight in seeing wildflowers are well served by a flower press that helps them learn more about what they see on their walks.