Gardener’s Sickle


    You may grow the herb Lavender to dry its stems for flower arrangements or its aromatic buds for sachets. To harvest Lavender, the best tool to use is a garden sickle.

Using a Garden Sickle to Harvest Lavender

Using a Garden Sickle to Harvest Lavender

    We usually think of the sickle as an agricultural tool. But actually the sickle is as useful to the home gardener as it is to the farmer.

    Lavender is not harvested with a machine but by hand. Lavender farmers use a sickle to cut bunches of stems because this hand tool has a curved blade. Our sickle is the right size for the home gardener.

    If your love of Lavender inspires you to grow several plants, you too should have our sickle.

     Here we are using our sickle to cut the deep purple colored variety Lavender Hidcote.

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