Lavender Sachets


     For a woman who wants a small token of something her grandmother may have used, there are petite lavender sachets from North Country Herbs.  Our sachets are steeped not only in fragrance but in a feminine tradition of many generations.

     A customer of mine who purchased dozens of our sachets to give to women who worked together in an office said that she received a thank you from the office manager — thank you for the gift of sachets… we all thought that they were lovely …. but, I did have to explain to my staff under the age of 25 exactly what a “sachet” was!

     Well, a sachet is simply a small, cloth bag filled with one or more aromatic herbs or spices.

      Sachets were used for thousands of years to ward off evil, to hold against the sensitive nose when one had to walk through an area that had a stale or noxious smell, to help a woman sleep and to scent clothing and household fabrics.  They were also used by women who wanted a handy, small item having a fresh garden scent.

      Today, we use more effective methods to ward off evil. But, we are also deciding that we would prefer taking a breath of a natural fragrance when we have to walk though a less than pleasant smelling area.  And thankfully, we are looking to the natural sleeping aids used in the past and for a simple way to keep our linens smelling fresh.  

      Sachets holding aromatic herbs and spices can be exquisitely sewn, such as in the style of our hand embroidered linen sachets.  Petite Lavender Sachets however are small, simple bags, just a token really to reintroduce a natural way to smell lavender, one of the most pleasant and long lasting floral aromas.

     The word “sachet” need not skip a generation.  Not if sachets come back to being used by a woman who wishes to remember, and have her daughter remember, how fragrant, lavender flower buds from a garden, placed in a simple piece of fabric, have been used in the past and can still be used and enjoyed today.