Making Stock with a Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball


    The Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball allows you to easily make broth into flavorful stock. It is an indispensable kitchen tool for the cook who likes to make soup, sauces and gravies.

    Our Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball is a globe-shaped mesh ball with a diameter of 3 inches.  It opens in the center, permitting you to place fresh or dried herbs and spices inside the bottom hemisphere.  After you place the herbs and spices in the ball, you lock it.  It is then ready to be submerged in water or broth to make stock.

    The Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball from North Country Herbs can be easily washed and reused.  It is large enough to hold the amount of herbs and spices you would use to make a large pot of tasty stock.  The ball locks closed with an easy twist around the center where the top and bottom hemispheres join.  It comes with a hook and chain so you can hang the ball from the edge of your pot.

    Here is a picture of the Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball holding dried Sage leaves.


    Here is a typical recipe for Sage Flavored Chicken Stock.

    Ingredients:  a whole chicken, carrots, celery sticks and leaves, onion, about 2 tablespoons of whole dried Sage leaves, salt to taste and water.

    Kitchen tools:  large pot, knife, cutting board, colander and our Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball.


•    Serve a roasted chicken but reserve the bones.  After your meal, debone the chicken.

•    Place the chicken bones in a pot.  Add water that will just cover the bones.  Place the Sage in the Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball and hang it from the edge of the pot so that it is submerged in the water.

•    Simmer – do not boil – the chicken bones and Sage until little parts of chicken meat that might have stayed on the bones have drifted way from the bones or about 3 hours.

•    Place the carrots, celery and onion in the pot and simmer for another hour.

•    Remove the bones, the Mesh Herb and Spice Infuser Ball and the vegetables.  Then, strain the chicken stock using your colander.

•    Put your chicken stock in a container and put the container in your refrigerator.  When the stock has cooled, skim off any chicken fat that has risen to the surface.


Your can use your Sage Flavored Chicken Stock for soup or you can freeze it for future use for soup and other dishes.