Mommy and Me and Our Plant Press


     A plant press helps children recognize plants they find in their backyard.  And one press does it best, a microwave plant press.

     A plant press is a device that flattens and dries parts of plants.

     Any press will help a child observe parts of a plant after the plant has dried. However, a microwave plant press is the best choice of plant press for one reason – it’s quick.

     It takes other presses at least 2 weeks to dry a leaf or flower.  This is a significant amount of time for a young child.

     But with Mom participating by using a common kitchen appliance, a microwave plant press shortens that period of time — of discovery to observation — from several weeks to just minutes!  A microwave plant press allows your child to gather leaves and flowers, bring them inside for Mom to press and then observe them with Mom — all in the same afternoon!

     Pressing flowers and leaves is a Mommy and Me activity that can be had in the comfort of your own backyard and kitchen.