More Results of North Country Herbs Annual Survey of Why Gardeners Garden



•    You get out of your house and breathe fresh air.

•    Eradication of weeds is an acceptable method of venting aggressive impulses and anger.

•    As an heir of medieval peasants who only survived because of access to herbs and a few scraggily vegetables, you can bond with your ancestors.

•    You become entitled to massages, whether needed or not.

•    Using your hands, you have an excuse to have more frequent manicures; tending to your garden barefoot will entitle you to pedicures also.

•    You have options – if you are not interested in growing vegetables and herbs, you can grow flowers, or, if you are not interested in growing flowers, you can grow vegetables and herbs, or, if you are not interested in growing vegetables, herbs or flowers, you have the option of growing weeds, some of which are very pretty.

•    If successful, you get all the credit even though the soil, the sun and the rain do most of the work.

•    If unsuccessful, you can always blame failed plants on blight, inadequate sunlight or climate change.

•    If at first you know nothing about gardening, there are a zillion blogs to guide you.