North Country Herbs Annual Survey of Why Gardeners Garden


•    It’s You verses the Weather, a competitive carry-over sport that you can play from your 30s until your 90s – and your edge improves with age.


•    You are guaranteed to get the benefits of the minimum amount of aerobic exercise required to be able to tell your doctor that you are not a couch potato.


•    You can get a tan without going to the beach and wearing a bathing suit (although, you can garden in a bikini if you wish).


•    You are closer to nature and can pretend to be a farmer without owning a farm or doing really hard farmer work.


•    Gardening is an acceptable subject for conversation at meetings — you will not need to know the latest sports scores and will avoid speaking about religion and politics, never a good idea.  


•    You can watch reruns of gardening shows which provide a legitimate excuse for getting back on the couch with the remote.