North Country Herbs Offers Food Processors that Fit!


North Country Herbs Kitchen Department offers two, small food processors.

We chose to offer these small models because we want to serve our customers who wish to conveniently mince and chop herbs.  Since herbs are not used in great quantities in most appetizer and family dinner recipes, a small processor is all that is needed.

But another reason we chose to offer small food processors was our experience with the limited space on our kitchen countertop.   

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, the countertop is premium real estate. We understand that all kitchen appliances must useful enough to warrant space on your countertop and that a desirable appliance that takes up little space is particularly appreciated.

Our small food processors are great choices for cooks who use recipes that require easy processing of small quantities of produce, including herbs.

Take a look at the dimensions of our 21 ounce bowl food processor — it’s less than 5” long, 7” wide and 8” tall!

Our 3 cup bowl food processor is also compact — it’s 5” long, 7” wide and about 9” tall! 

Our food processors are functional but also compact — a good fit for your kitchen countertop!