Starting Herb Seedlings in the North Country

While gardeners in the North Country cannot put herbs in the ground in May, the good news is that there is still time to grow seedlings that will mature enough to be planted in the garden later in June and in early July. North Country Herbs offers equipment to help you grow your own herb seedlings indoors.

It is May 1st and officially spring.  For most herb gardeners, planting outside has begun.  But  herb gardeners in the North Country — those whose gardens lie in the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Zones 3 and 4, high elevation areas and cold micro-climate locations– cannot plant seedlings in the ground at this time.

Cool weather and sunless days discourage germination and growth. Late frosts and winds can kill plants.  Hard rain can drown seeds. All these weather conditions prevent the viability of herbs in a cold climate garden when planting is done too early.

In these areas, many tender annual herbs and heat loving herbs like Basil, that delicious companion to tomatoes, can only be planted safely in mid-June or later in the North Country.

The North Country season for herbs can be extended however by planting well developed seedlings in mid June and early July.  You can have a bountiful harvest of heat loving herbs by planting seedlings at that time.

Here is a picture of Basil seedlings 42 days after being sown from seed indoors using a germination heat mat and growing lights.  If sown using this equipment around May 1, herb seedlings like Basil will be ready to transplant into a North Country garden by mid-June.

Basil Seedlings 42 days after seeds sown indoors using a germination heat mat and growing lights

Basil Seedlings 42 days after seeds sown indoors using a germination heat mat and grow lights

If an herb can only be planted in warm ground, the propagation equipment offered by North Country Herbs allows cold climate gardeners to start germination of seeds in May.

Please visit our website to see our germination heat mats, our grow light system and other garden tools offered with the herb gardener in mind.