Starting the Herb Roman Chamomile Using A Plant Heating Mat


       A plant heat mat can help you to be successful in growing seedlings, and by growing seedlings yourself, you can save money.  If you plan to maintain a small garden, a plant heat mat is a great investment.  If you plan to have a medium size garden, a plant heat mat may give you a return on your investment in one season alone!

       To germinate, seeds need moist and warm conditions.  A plant heating mat provides the heat that will assist in turning more of your seeds into seedlings.

       There are many herbs (and vegetables) that you can successfully grow from a seed to a seedling yourself!  One example of an herb that I have grown from seed indoors, with the help of a heating mat, is Roman Chamomile.

       Roman Chamomile, whose official name is Chamaemelum nobilis, is an apple-scented groundcover that can be grown in the North Country provided that it gets sun.  It takes 10 to 15 days for the seeds of Roman Chamomile to germinate.

       I attribute success in growing Roman Chamomile seeds into robust apple-scented, ground cover to my use of a device which is a small version of what the professionals use.    That is why North Country Herbs offers plant heat mats for sale.  If you are interested in investing in a plant heating mat to stretch your garden budget, or simply for the fun of growing herbs yourself, here’s a link to see the plant heating mats that we offer.