Using a Food Processor to Make A Herbal Apple Walnut Spread

Preparation Time: 35 minutes

About the Herb:

Chives are a commonly used culinary herb that you can grow in your garden.  You can preserve what you have not used during the growing season by freezing.  However, if needed, fresh chives are generally available in supermarkets.  

The flavor of Chives is mild onion.


1. One small Granny Smith apple cut in chunks
2. One half cup of shelled Walnuts
3. Two Tablespoons of Dried Cranberries
4. Eight ounces of Cream Cheese
5. One Tablespoon of Sour Cream
6. Three Tablespoons of Chives
7. One-fourth a teaspoon of Lemon Juice


Use as a spread for salted crackers


A small food processor (a 3 cup bowl food processor is sufficient for this recipe)
A knife
A cutting board
Measuring spoons
Small containers to set out ingredients
Kitchen Scissors


If using a brick of Cream Cheese, bring it to room temperature in advance, peel and cut the apple and rinse     the Chives and cut them into small pieces with the scissors.  Measure and set up all your ingredients.

Add the chunks of apple, the walnuts, the dried cranberries and the lemon juice to the Food Processor to     chop into smaller pieces

Add the Cream Cheese, Sour Cream and the Chives to the Food processor and blend

Take the spread out of the Food Processor and chill for several hours before serving

A Time Saver:

A spread should be in advance of serving to permit the flavors to come together.  The preparation takes place prior to your cooking other parts of your meal so it will help you reserve your most valuable time to prepare what must be prepared immediately before dinner.

You will spend time purchasing ingredients, but once your ingredients are assembled, it takes only 35 minutes to make this spread.  The food processor is a real time-saver.
That 35 minutes includes the time needed to set out your food processor and kitchen tools, rinse your chives, cut what needs to be cut,  measure all your ingredients and set them aside in advance.

 It also includes cleaning your kitchen work area when you are done, putting the extras of your ingredients in the refrigerator and cleaning your equipment and utensils by hand.  
That does not include my one shortcut.  I grow chives and freeze what I do not use during the growing season.  Before I freeze the chives, I snip them with a small scissors (which is much easier than cutting with a knife).  So the chives that I used for this recipe were already cut.


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