About Us

About North Country Herbs

We like herbs and are fascinated by their scent, taste and their story. We also like to continue to learn about them, tend to them in our garden and use them to prepare foods.

We learned a great deal about herbs from gardeners, cooks, artists, chemists and botanists. But, to maintain a herb garden ourselves and to use herbs in cooking, we needed to find new, herb-related tools. This led us to establish a Company to sell the tools that we had found and the natural, herb-based products that we created.

Whether you tend to a large garden, a patch in the backyard or plants on a windowsill, we think that you will find that these speciality tools and herb-based goods will enhance your adventures with herbs too.

 We want North Country Herbs to be more than just a storefront but also a great place to visit and a resource for you. So we publish HerbLOG to share  herb craft ideas, specific how-to, herb gardening experiences and herb based recipes that both showcase how you can use and enjoy our products and also have fun with herbs.

Welcome to North Country Herbs!