•  Single Blade Mezzaluna Knife- Large

Our Mezzaluna is a knife that is specially designed to cut herbs and leafy vegetables.  You use it by rocking the edge of its blade over the produce that you wish to chop.  We offer four models of Mezzaluna Knives, all with ergonomic handles on the top of each end.  The crescent-shaped single blade of this model is 10 1/2 inches long.

A Mezzaluna Knife is an effective tool for food preparation.  Its unique, curved blade is sharp and chops herbs with a clean cut.  The generously sized handles on the top of the blade provide you with a sure, comfortable grip and make the task of chopping herbs safer since your hands are far away from the blade.  Its design allows you to prepare food with less strain on your wrists than any other knife.

North Country Herbs offers a full line of Mezzaluna Knives to fit your needs.  Vist our Herb LOG for more information on our Mezzaluna Knives and other select Kitchen Tools.

Single Blade Mezzaluna Knife- Large

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