• Jump Start Grow Light System - Two Feet

This grow light device will enable you to grow healthy seedlings for your garden just in time for spring planting.

The Jump Light System consists of a metal frame, a light fixture containing a special florescent bulb, a toggle switch and a six foot grounded cord with an on/off switch.  The device is 24" high, 18" wide and 26" long.

You must assemble the Grow Light System, but it  is easy because it comes with clear assembly instructions and requires only a Philips screwdriver and pliers.  After assembly, you simply place your seedlings underneath the fixture and turn on the light.  Having the light source only several inches above the top of your seedlings will prevent the seedlings from growing spindly and will promote the growth of foliage.  The handy toggle switch will allow you to easily adjust the distance between the light source and the top of your seedlings as they grow.

This product  helps you succeed in growing seedlings and get a head start on your spring garden!  

Jump Start Grow Light System - Two Feet

  • Brand: Hydrofarm
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