• Gardener's Color Wheel

The Gardener's Color Wheel is a guide to using color, both in your Garden.. and in your Studio!

This simple but elegant, and unbelieveably useful device is a 9 1/4 inch diameter, double-sided cardboard "wheel."  It helps you make decisions as to the colors you would like to have in your garden and what you will select for your pressed flower and leaf creations. 

Developed by life-long gardening author and instructor, Sydney Eddison, the Color Wheel illustrates and explains hues, tints, tones and shades, and suggests color schemes that will provide harmony and tableaus that will provide contrast.  The Color Wheel comes with Ms. Eddison's eight page booklet which serves as a wonderful primer.

The cardstock is U.V coated to protect it from sun and moisture.




Gardener's Color Wheel

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